SOlidification, Flow, and Thermodynamics in Binary ALLoys.
A code for simulation convection in mushy layers with Adaptive Mesh Refinement.

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SOFTBALL solves for flow and phase change in mushy layers, solving continuous equations for conservation of heat, solute, mass, and momentum (Parkinson et. al, 2020).
A parallel C++ and Fortran code, with Adaptive Mesh Refinement facilitated by the Chombo library for fast efficient simulations.


Sea ice formation in 3-D

Uniform mesh simulation of sea ice (blue) growing from a cold atmosphere into the underlying ocean (yellow). 3-D simulations provide further insights into the pattern formation in the horizontal plane.

Binary alloy solidification with AMR

Solidification of a binary alloy from above with flow in the liquid phase described by a Darcy-Brinkman equation. Extra resolution is added automatically around the narrow channels with high solute concentration which form spontatenously in the mushy layer

Darcy flow in a Hele-Shaw cell

Flow in a narrow Hele-Shaw cell, as often used in experiments, is quasi-2-dimensional and well described by just Darcy's law which is less computationally expensive than the full Darcy-Brinkman equation.
(Wells et. al, 2020)


Anyone can contribute to SOFTBALL, and doing so is actively encouraged.

  1. Create a GitHub account
  2. Create your own fork of the code
    Go to the repo and click on the fork button (top right)
    $ git clone https://github.com/YOUR_USERNAME/mushy-layer.git
  3. Make sure you're working on the development branch
    $ git branch
    * development
    If you're not on the development branch, you can switch to it via
    $ git checkout remotes/origin/development
    $ git branch development
  4. Make some changes
    $ nano README.md
    $ git status	
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  5. Commit your changes
    $ git add README.md
    $ git commit -m "Testing"
    $ git push
  6. You might need to enter your username and password to push the changes.
  7. Create a pull request to merge your branch into our development branch
    Go to your fork on github, i.e.
    and click on the 'Compare & Pull Request' button.
  8. We will then check and approve your pull request