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AdvectIBC Class Reference

IBC for simple advection. More...

#include <AdvectIBC.H>

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Public Types

enum  bcType {
  m_dirichlet, m_extrap, m_inflowOutflow, m_plumeInflow,
  m_neumann, m_numBCTypes
 Possible BC types.

Public Member Functions

 AdvectIBC ()
 Null constructor.
 AdvectIBC (int a_numComp)
 ~AdvectIBC ()
PhysIBCnew_physIBC ()
 Factory method - this object is its own factory. More...
void setDefaultValues (int a_numComp=1)
 set default boundary values
void primBC (FArrayBox &a_WGdnv, const FArrayBox &a_Wextrap, const FArrayBox &a_W, const int &a_dir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_side, const Real &a_time)
 Set boundary fluxes.
void setBdrySlopes (FArrayBox &a_dW, const FArrayBox &a_W, const int &a_dir, const Real &a_time)
 Set boundary slopes. More...
void initialize (LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_U)
 Set up initial conditions. More...
void advectionVel (const RealVect &a_advVel)
 set velocity
const RealVectadvectionVel () const
 advection velocity. No idea what this is here for.
void probType (const int a_probtype)
 set problem type
void setBoundaryValue (Real a_bcVal, int a_bcType, int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo, int a_comp=0)
 set boundary value (default is 0)
void setBoundaryValues (RealVect bcVals, IntVect bcType, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo, int a_comp=0)
 Set boundary values (N dimensional version)
void setPlume (Vector< Real > a_plumeVals, Vector< Real > plumeBounds)
 Set plume details.
void setBCType (int a_bcType, int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo)
 Set the type of condition on each boundary.
Real getBoundaryValue (int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo, int a_comp=0) const
 access boundary value
void setAdvVel (LevelData< FluxBox > *a_advVel)
 Set pointer to advection velocity.
void setAdvVel (FluxBox *a_advVel)
 Set pointer to advection velocity for the box we're integrating over.
void setSlopeValue (Real a_slopeVal, int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo)
 set slope value (default is 0)
Real getSlopeValue (int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo) const
 access slope value
void artViscBC (FArrayBox &a_F, const FArrayBox &a_U, const FArrayBox &a_divVel, const int &a_dir, const Real &a_time)
 Apply artifical viscosity BCs.
int probType () const

Protected Attributes

RealVect m_velocity
 Don't know what this is for.
Real m_bcValPlume
 boundary value at the plume
Real m_inflowVal
 Boundary value for inflow in a plume.
Vector< Realm_plumeBounds
 Extend of plume along domain boundary.
LevelData< FluxBox > * m_advVel
 advection velocity field for the whole level
 advection velocity for the specific box we're integrating over
Vector< Realm_bcVal [SpaceDim][2]
 Boundary value.
Real m_slopeVal [SpaceDim][2]
 Boundary slope value.
Vector< Realm_plumeVals
 Multi component plume values.
Vector< int > m_bcType [SpaceDim][2]
 Boundary condition type.
bool m_isBCvalSet
 Whether or not BCs have been set.
bool m_isSlopeValSet
 Whether or not boundary slopes have been set.
bool m_isBCtypeSet
 Whether or not BC types have been set.
int m_numComps
 number of components

Detailed Description

IBC for simple advection.


Member Function Documentation

◆ initialize()

void AdvectIBC::initialize ( LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_U)

Set up initial conditions.

shouldn't be in this function

Implements PhysIBC.

◆ new_physIBC()

PhysIBC * AdvectIBC::new_physIBC ( )

Factory method - this object is its own factory.

Return a pointer to a new PhysIBC object with m_isDefined = false (i.e., its define() must be called before it is used) and m_isFortranCommonSet set to value of m_isFortranCommonset in the current (factory) object.

Implements PhysIBC.

◆ setBdrySlopes()

void AdvectIBC::setBdrySlopes ( FArrayBox a_dW,
const FArrayBox a_W,
const int &  a_dir,
const Real a_time 

Set boundary slopes.

The boundary slopes in a_dW are already set to one sided difference approximations. If this function doesn't change them they will be used for the slopes at the boundaries.

Implements PhysIBC.

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