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Diagnostics Class Reference

Class to contain diagnostics. More...

#include <Diagnostics.h>

Public Member Functions

 Diagnostics ()
 Default constructore.
void define (Real a_movingAverageTimescale, int a_verbosity, Real a_convCrit)
 Define object.
virtual ~Diagnostics ()
void addDiagnostic (DiagnosticNames a_diagnostic, Real a_time, Real value)
 Add a diagnostic.
Real getDiagnostic (DiagnosticNames a_diagnostic, Real a_time, int timestepOffset=0)
 Get the value of a diagnostic, $ \alpha $.
Real getMovingAverage (DiagnosticNames a_diagnostic, Real a_endTime, Real a_timeSpan)
 Get the moving average of a diagnostic.
Real getRateOfChange (DiagnosticNames a_diagnostic, Real a_endTime, Real a_dt)
 Get $ \frac{d \alpha}{d t} $.
Real getSecondRateOfChange (DiagnosticNames a_diagnostic, Real a_endTime, Real a_dt)
 Calculate $ \frac{d^2 \alpha}{dt^2} $.
bool movingAverageHasConverged (DiagnosticNames a_diagnostic, Real m_time, Real a_dt)
 Determine if the moving average has reached steady state.
void printHeader ()
 Print header of all diagnostic names.
void printHeader (std::ofstream &a_file)
 Print header to specified file.
void printDiagnostics (Real a_time)
 Print diagnostics at specified time.
void printDiagnostics (Real a_time, std::ofstream &a_file)
 Print diagnostics at given time to a certain file.
bool diagnosticIsIncluded (const DiagnosticNames a_diag)
 Returns whether or not the specified diagnostic is one that's in one list of diagnostics to print.
void setPrintDiags (Vector< DiagnosticNames > a_diagsToPrint)
 Specify which diagnostics we should print out.

Detailed Description

Class to contain diagnostics.

This class manages various diagnostics that we want to track during simulations

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